You may have read my list of 10 Life-Changing Anime. Someone in Japan did, and thoughtfully translated it into Japanese for his/her readers. I hit Google Translate to see what they said about me, but what I got was a full translation of a translation of my entire feature. As it turns out, my translated Robotech entry may be the best thing I've ever written, and I didn't even write it.

The Original Entry:

6) Macross/Robotech

Whether you're a fan of the original Japanese anime Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross or Robotech, the Americanized adaptation cobbled together from it and two other anime series, the fact is the Macross saga remains one of the greatest love stories of the 20th century. Only Macross is willing to show love in all its forms — the way it brings joy, the way in brings pain, the way it brings sadness, and the way it brings insanity. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Love is what makes the commander of the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy, Lisa Hayes, wash the underwear of a lowly Veritech pilot, Rick Hunter, while he's chasing about an underage Chinese pop star named Minmei, who toys with Rick mercilessly while she pines for her cousin Lynn Kyle, who throws gin bottles at her. THAT'S LOVE, PEOPLE. And Robotech helped an entire generation understand love's messiness, even if we were all still powerless before it.

The Amazing English Google Translation of the Japanese Translation:

6) Macross/Robotech

"Macross" the Love of the 20th century up to the fact that any fan Japanimation the original "Macross", and any fan American version edited the two works anime series and other Macross of "Robotech", and remain there I hear that is a story. Not only joy, was pulled to draw sadness and anguish, the form of various love crazy even bring sometimes I just "Macross".


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