Somehow They Saved The Best Game Of Thrones Trailer For Last

The lords of Westeros getting worried about Daenerys! Jon Snow realizing the danger the Wall is in! So much more! We've already discussed how screwed up everyone in GoT is, and how awesome that is, but this newest trailer makes us want to run into the street screaming "For House Stark!" » 4/11/14 9:00pm Friday 9:00pm

Science And Religion Battle For A Man's Beliefs In I Origins Trailer

Given the ever-expanding battle between those who trust science and those who believe in a supreme deity, I expect Mike Cahill's follow-up to Another Earth to raise quite a stir. In I Origins, a scientist experiences a phenomenon he can't explain with science — a crisis of faithlessness, if you will. » 4/10/14 10:53am Thursday 10:53am

Fox Wants To Make Mystique, Gambit and Deadpool Spin-Off Movies

Now that Marvel has shown how to make a massive but unified cinematic superhero universe, everybody wants to get in the game. While Sony is ready to churn out Spider-Man movies and spin-offs, Fox is finally ready to do the same with X-Men. First on their wishlist? Solo films for Mystique, Gambit and Deadpool. » 4/10/14 9:00am Thursday 9:00am