7 Innovative Concepts are Getting Closer to Reality Thanks to NASA

NASA just funded research into releasing robot-swarms during flybys, improving life support system, laser-mapping lunar lava caves, exploring the hydrocarbon seas of Titan, converting torpedo power supplies for deep space, creating an oasis of perpetual sunshine on the moon, and characterizing electric sails. Awesome. » 7/08/15 5:20pm 7/08/15 5:20pm

I Will Never Write Anything Better Than This

You may have read my list of 10 Life-Changing Anime. Someone in Japan did, and thoughtfully translated it into Japanese for his/her readers. I hit Google Translate to see what they said about me, but what I got was a full translation of a translation of my entire feature. As it turns out, my translated Robotech entry… » 8/19/14 11:18pm 8/19/14 11:18pm